Todd Kleinhans - President -
David Johnson - VP of Marketing -
Paul Kosinski - VP of Membership -
Christopher Wolff - VP of Events -
Todd Kleinhans - Treasurer -

If you have any questions about the group please drop us a line. If you're interested in speaking we're especially interested to hear from you. 


We're also affiliated with the Professional Association for SQL Server.  This is a world-wide SQL Server Users Group.  PASS holds a conference each year.

Officer Roles

Assists other board members when needed
Leading the monthly board meetings
Oversees all elections where not specifically running for that specific position
Assists to promote the user group
Works with PASS to promote the user group
Maintains monthly board meeting notes and delivers these to other board members

VP of Events 
Developing a speaker base
Scheduling speakers for regular meetings
Responsible for sending out meeting reminders to the membership
Assists other board members where needed

VP of Marketing  
Promotes user group
    To new members
    To user group organizations (PASS, Culmnius)
    To vendors
    To Microsoft
Develops a base of past and new potential sponsors

VP Membership  
Works with and addresses member related questions
Works to recruit new members
Develops new recruiting methods

Responsible for keeping checking account in balance
Assists during fundraising events to ensure proper and accurate money flow
Responsible for purchasing goods deemed beneficial for the user group